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Being a customer centric organization, we are offering a quality approved range of Wall Paper Covering Service to our clients. Wall covering is a place where your imagination can create a space that is uniquely yours. There is a wall covering Service for every room in your house, every design preference and every budget.

An integral part of any Richmond wall covering job includes repair of drywall or plaster surfaces and appropriate skim coating to ensure a smooth surface for the perfect application of your choice of wall covering.Best Wallpaper Installation Services in Delhi for creating a stylish interior and bringing a new and fresh look to your home or office space by the professionals from Peace Corps India Pvt.Ltd .

Living room is the place where you welcome guests and where the family members spend most of their time. Hence, it forms the most important part of the house. There are various wallpaper designs for living room. We are fully qualified to offer a full range of wall covering services for your home, office, or institution.

Transform your home with wide variety of wallpapers like 3D wallpapers, Embossed wallpapers, Anaglyptic wallpapers, Vinyl wallpaper and many more.PCIPL is a full-service solution for painting and wall covering for new construction and renovations to existing structures. To satisfy the growing needs of customers, we are engaged in providing Wall Covering Service.



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